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Forgotten/lost password

To change your password from the Maple T.A. login page, select the Forgot your Password? option, seen below. This will send you a new randomly generated password to the email you have associated with your Maple...

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Running out of test time

If you are experiencing technical difficulties when writing a Placement Test or Exam that are directly related to Maple T.A.'s performance, please contact your Instructor, School or Maplesoft Help. If you are ...

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How to use Maple T.A.

Are you new to Maple T.A. and need to use it for your class? Watch the following video to help guide you through the Maple T.A. interface and take your first assignment. This video covers topics like: Lo...

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Browser issues

Maple T.A. and Möbius can be accessed from your web browser on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems. You can find the full compatibility list at the link below: https://www.digitaled.com/pro...

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I can't log in with my Webstore account

If you are unable to log in using your Maple T.A. or Möbius Webstore account, please follow the steps below. Ensure you are accessing the appropriate URL for your school as provided by your Instructor and th...

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I logged in but there is no content - Enrolling in a class

When you log in for the first time, you may see a blank page with the following message: To register yourself in a class, click Enroll in a Class. You can click on the Search button to see a full list of ava...

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Validating my account

If you are sent login information for your account, you may be asked to 'Validate' the next time you log in . Here you can update any out of date or incorrect information for your account. Please follow your s...

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Unregister from a class

If you wish to remove yourself from a course you are currently enrolled in, go to the Class Homepage for this course. Under the Class Details heading, click on Drop Class. When asked, click OK to confirm tha...

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My grades are not showing up in the Gradebook

To view your assignment grades, in the Class Homepage, click Gradebook and select View Past Results. You will see the following list of assignments and filters: If the assignment you are looking for is not i...

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