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Placement Testing

Establishing Placement Testing at your school

Why use a placement test? A placement test like the Maplesoft - MAA Placement Test Suite allows one to determine the appropriate entry-level course in mathematics for students based on their knowledge of techn...

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Choosing the appropriate test for your course

From the variety of placement tests offered in the Maplesoft - MAA Placement Test Suite, the faculty should determine the necessary techniques and concepts needed for the different courses and select the tests ...

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Cut off scores for placement testing

When you are evaluating your Placement Testing on your campus, you will need to decide who develops the cut-off scores for the mathematics placement test you have chosen and how often should these cut-off score...

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Items in the Placement Test Suite

What is an "item"? A test item in the Maplesoft - MAA Placement Test Suite is a single question. It consists of the stem (the question) and multiple answer options. The multiple answer options should contain t...

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Modifying an existing Placement Test

Because the test packages in the Placement Test Suite have been selected to construct a quality placement test, you should make sure that you do not upset the level of difficulty distribution of the questions w...

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Average scoring strategy

The general Placement Test Suite scores one should expect for any student group will be determined by the backgrounds of the candidates. During their development, the MAA tests were administered to typical grou...

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Validating your testing

Content validity is the first criteria, and the faculty of a college or university must determine the knowledge of techniques and concepts necessary for entry into a course. The test questions should be selecte...

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Other questions about the MAA Placement Testing Suite

Should you have other questions about mathematics placement testing and about the Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite, you can address your concerns to either Maplesoft or the MAA. For any other general inquiri...

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