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User and Class Management

Registering users for a class

There are two ways a student can register for a class. The simplest method is for an Instructor to open class registration. When this is done, a student can search for all classes that have open registration a...

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Uploading existing students in a Maple T.A. roster

If you have deleted students and then tried to upload them in a new roster, you may find that they do not get uploaded. Why? In Maple T.A., students who have been deleted will remain in the database, but are m...

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Registering multiple instructors in a Class

Sometimes multiple Instructors are needed in a single class. For each class, there is always one 'main' Instructor, whose name and email will appear at the top of the class homepage for the users. This 'main' ...

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Creating new users in Mobius

There are two ways that a System Administrator can create new users. The first method is to add students manually. From the System Homepage, click on the System User Manager menu option, and then click Add Use...

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Creating a Class in Mobius

In order to create a new class from the System Homepage, go to the Class Manager menu, and then click on Add Class. From there you can enter all of the details of your class: Lead Instructor (this person's n...

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Navigating the Content Repository for your class

The Content Repository stores and organizes all the lessons, assignments, questions, slideshows and other content for each class. In order to access the content for a particular class you are instructing, click...

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