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Assignment Creation/Editing

Unlocking my Maple T.A. assignment

An assignment is listed as locked in your class, but you have already clicked Force Grade in the Gradebook. Why is the assignment still locked? It is not possible to force grade assignments for any user that i...

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Adaptive assignment algorithm returnGrade(N)

Using returnGrade(N); on its own will not end an assignment. In order to grade the assignment and return N (rather than the basic calculated grade), precede the returnGrade(N); command with the return command...

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Creating an Assignment in Maple T.A.

To create an assignment in your class, go from the Class Homepage for your class to the Content Repository. In the top left-hand corner of the page, click on Create New, and then highlight Assignment, and click...

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Question Groups

When creating an assignment, you can choose to add a Question Group, which is a subset of questions to display in the assignment. To create a new Question Group in the Assignment Editor, go to Step 2: Select Qu...

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Assignment Units

On the Class Homepage, lessons and assignments for a class are organized into Units. The structure of these units, and the order in which Units and Content appear, is controlled in the Content Repository. In...

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