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Assignment, Class and System Homepage mapping

A brand new LTI link will point to the generic LTI URL for your school (the URL ending in /lti/ that you are using with your LTI Tool).  In order for this to point to an actual location in Maple T.A. or Mobius, the Instructor of the LMS class must click on the link to initialize the mapping. 
From here, you will be taken to a mapping page (sample image below) where you will choose one of several mapping options.  Once the mapping is completed, any user who clicks on the link in the future will be taken to the specific mapped location in Maple T.A. or Mobius.


Important!  Only Assignment links will send grades back to the LMS.  To do this, you must create a separate LTI link in your LMS for each assignment in Maple T.A. and Mobius.  This will create a new LMS grade centre item for each link.

If you wish for grades to be sent back, we recommend only using Assignment and Gradebook links.  This will disable students from accessing tests via other link types, as these types will not send grades to the LMS.

Select the class in the first dropdown menu, then select the assignment in the second dropdown menu and click 'Link to Assignment'.

Once initialized, Assignment links will take users directly to the landing page of the chosen assignment.  Once the student completes the assignment (follows the Submit process fully) the grade for the assignment will be sent to the LMS grade centre.

Class Home Page

Select the class in the first dropdown menu, then click 'Link to Class Home'. 
Once initialized, Class Home Page links will take users to the homepage of the selected class in the dropdown menu.  From there they can access their assignments and Gradebook.  Only one link is needed in this case, but no grades will be sent back to the LMS.

System Home Page

Click 'Link to System Home'.

Once initialized, System Home Page links will take users to the system homepage.  This mapping is useful when used in a link hidden from students.  It allows users such as Admins and Instructors to access all areas of the server without being directed to a specific class such as with a Class Home Page link.

We do not normally recommend giving System Home Page access to LTI students.  If students are enrolled in an LTI class that uses Assignment mappings, a second class with a System Home Page link would allow students to access the first class and complete work there - grades from the first class would not be sent back to the LMS in this case.



Select the class in the first dropdown menu, then click 'Link to Gradebook'.

Once initialized, Gradebook links will take users to their personal Gradebook.  This allows students to view feedback and details of assignments while blocking their access to other areas of Maple T.A. or Mobius.

Sample mapping page

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