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External Assignments and Rubric Tables

External/written assignments can be added as items in the Maple T.A. Gradebook.

Create External Assignment Item
Inside your class, go to External > External & Rubrics.  Under 'Choose Assignment', select 'Create new assignment' (or choose an existing External assignment Gradebook item).

(If you have created a Rubric Table for this assignment, select the table in the 'Rubric Table' dropdown menu.  Instructions on creating Rubric Tables are shown later in this article.)

Enter a name for the new grade item, fill in the Total Points (if choosing a Rubric Table, this will be auto-filled), and Passing Score.

User Search (optional) can be used to pull up a specific user.  Otherwise all users will appear in the table.  Enter a score for the user and an optional comment.

After saving, the student's grade will appear in their Gradebook, the Assignment will appear as a Gradebook item, and will also appear under 'Choose Assignment' as an existing option on the External Assignment page.

Creating and Using Rubric Tables with External Assignments
In the class, go to Gradebook > Rubric Tables and 'New Rubric Table'.

In the new rubric table window, you can add multiple tables with multiple categories and rankings.  For instance, some categories may receive possible grades from 1-3 such as in the below example, where other categories receive grades from 1-5 (in this case a second table would be created).

Category and weights can be changed in this table.  The description is designed to give the marker and student a description of how they did in that category.

After it is saved, this rubric table can be used to mark an external assignment.  Follow the procedure at the beginning of this article, but in the Rubric Table dropdown, select your rubric table.  The Total Points will auto-fill, but Passing Score is still needed. 

Next to the students in the table, a Rubric icon will appear.  Click on this icon to mark the student's external assignment.

To grade, click on the proper description/weight the student should receive in each category.  The description will also provide the student feedback when they view their Gradebook, though a comment can also be added.

After saving, the student's grade will appear in Gradebook, the assignment will appear as a Gradebook item, and the Rubric will be attached to the appropriate assignment when using the External & Rubrics page.  In this example, the score will appear as 5.0/6.0.

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