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Can Maple Documents be Converted to LaTeX Documents?

Maple can indeed export a ".mw" document as a ".tex" file. In order to compile the ".tex" file in your favourite LaTeX editor, you will need to import Maple's style file "maplestd2e.sty" to your LaTeX compiler (e.g. MiKTeX Package Manager), and possibly the environment definition "mapleenv.def" as well:


C:\Program Files\Maple 2017\etc\maplestd2e.sty
C:\Program Files\Maple 2017\etc\mapleenv.def





You may require some or all of the other files in the same folder.  For more information, please see the Printing and Viewing Maple LaTeX Documents help page.

Please note that the export feature is by no means robust, and is to be regarded just a starting point, usually to be followed by manual tweaking. Also, ensure that there are no error messages in the original worksheet, as they can lead to problems in the LaTeX file.

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