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Question Groups

When creating an assignment, you can choose to add a Question Group, which is a subset of questions to display in the assignment. To create a new Question Group in the Assignment Editor, go to Step 2: Select Questions, and in the list of questions on the left of the screen click on Add and then click on New Question Group.

To edit the Group, click on the arrow next to the Group name (which is Group by default). From there you can add new Questions to the group, or delete the group. If you click on the arrow and select Properties then you will see the following options:
  • Edit the name of the group, as seen in the Assignment Editor.
  • Tell Maple T.A. to select a random subset of questions from the group. Students will get a different subset for each assignment attempt. 
  • Define the number of marks each question in the group is worth (must be the same for each question in the group).

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