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Registering multiple instructors in a Class

Sometimes multiple Instructors are needed in a single class.  For each class, there is always one 'main' Instructor, whose name and email will appear at the top of the class homepage for the users. This 'main' Instructor is registered by going to Class Info on the top left of the Class Homepage, and selecting Choose Instructor.  Search for the user who will be the main Instructor in the class and then select the new Instructor's account to complete the change.

To add additional Instructors to the class, go to the Class Homepage for this class. Then click on the Class User Manager menu and select Register Users.

From here you can search for the user(s), select them in the table at the bottom, and change the Roles to Instructor, Instructor + Create or Proctor, depending on the role the user will have in the class. Remember that users can have different roles in a class than they do on the System Homepage. Click the Register button at the bottom of the screen to apply your changes.

Note: If the user is already in a class, they will not appear in the Register User search. In this case, go to the Class User Manager menu and select Remove Users. You will need to remove them from the class, and then register them again with the desired role as described above.

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