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Weighting Adaptive Sections correctly

Introduced in Maple T.A. 2016, Adaptive Sections is a feature in the Question Editor Palette that lets you have separate parts/sections to the same question that are revealed one by one to the student as they are answered. For more information on the basics of this question feature, please see our Maple T.A. Instructors Guide on the topic.

There are two weightings to look out for:
  • Section weights  (the most important)
  • Individual question weights inside a section

Section Weights

The sum of all of your section weights must be equal to 1.0 for your question as a whole to be worth the correct amount of marks.


You have 3 sections, you would like the first two to be worth 25% of the total question marks, and the last to be worth 50% as it is more difficult. Set both the first and second Adaptive Sections to 0.25, and the last to 0.5.  If you leave all 3 as weighting 1.0, and your question is worth 10 marks, a student who received perfect will get 30/10 marks.


Individual Question Weights

You can specify in each section itself what the weighting of each question is.  This will NOT affect the section weight. 


Continuing with the previous example, there are 3 questions in your first section, and the first two are much harder than the last one. You want the first two to be worth twice as much as the second. 
Set the weighting of the first two to 2, and the weighting of the third to 1. Of the overall question (all 3 adaptive sections included), the first two will now be worth 10% of the question each, and the last one will be worth 5%, for a total of 25% on the first adaptive section, as outlined in part 1.

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