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What is the 'URL' for LTI field?

When filling out the details of your LTI connection in your Learning Management System, either to create the initial LTI tool connection, or to create later assignment/class LTI links, you should use your normal Maple T.A. URL with an additional /lti/ suffix appended.

For example, if your school's homepage is

Your LTI URL when setting up the tool or LTI links will be

This will associate the built-in LTI page to the link. Note that you cannot visit the /lti/ link location in a web browser as there is no browser-viewable information stored there and an error message will be displayed.

Instructor information

As an Instructor, when you set up a link to be used for an assignment or class homepage link, you must first create the link in the LMS.  This will point to the initial LTI setup page. 

While logged into your Instructor account, you must access the link, which will take you to the LTI setup page, then 'map' the link by choosing the appropriate assignment or class homepage.  After this is done, students clicking the link will be taken to the correct assignment or class homepage. 

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