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Subscript and Superscript in Response Areas

As always, students are able to input an answer with either the Equation Editor or text depending on the options the Instructor has set up.  In this case, it will be easier to have the student input their answer using the Equation Editor, as students may not know the correct syntax for subscript and superscript.

To include these in a question, Instructors can use [ ] for subscript and ^ (exponent) for superscript.  Subscripts can be used in Maple-Graded questions, but not Mathematical formula.  Superscripts will be evaluated as exponents by Maple T.A. when possible.

Students using the Equation Editor can use the built-in palette options or the shortcuts of _ and ^ to enter subscript or superscript mode respectively (clicking the right arrow will return to normal script).  To use the text option instead of Equation Editor, students must type what the Instructor types, [ ] and ^ respectively, when using the two.



Maple-grading Answer field:  r[0]+d^2-4^(2*a)          (shown in image)


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