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Backing up your PostgreSQL database

To create a database snapshot with the PostgreSQL admin tool pgAdmin III on Windows:
  1. Click the Start menu > All Programs > PostgreSQL x.x > pgAdmin III
  2. Right-click on the database server node and connect to it.
  3. Open the databases node and right-click on the mapleta node.
  4. Select the Backup menu item, use the default settings, and perform the backup.

If you do not have pgAdmin III installed, there is a dump command that can be issued from a command line to create the backup :
pg_dump -i -h PostgreSQLServer -p PostgreSQLServerPort -U UserName -F c -b -v -f FullPathToTheDumpFile mapleta
  • PostgreSQLServer = the name of the server where PosrgreSQL is running. In most cases it is localhost.
  • PostgreSQLServerPort = the port number for PostgreSQL server. In most cases it is 5432.
  • UserName = PostgreSQL user with proper privileges. In most cases it is mapleta.
  • FullPathToTheDumpFile = full path to the file where the database backup will be stored. This file will be created by pg_dump. The pg_dump executable is located in the /bin directory.

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