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Modifying an existing Placement Test

Because the test packages in the Placement Test Suite have been selected to construct a quality placement test, you should make sure that you do not upset the level of difficulty distribution of the questions when you drop or replace items. For example, you can drop a question from each quartile in the difficulty index or replace any dropped item with a replacement that is of comparable difficulty.

Depending on the technique or concept that you want to include, you can search through the tests in the Placement Test Suite to find an appropriate item based on the level of difficulty required.


Constructing a replacement item

It is difficult to construct valid, reliable items, and this approach should be avoided if possible. The construction of a quality item entails administering it repeatedly to a student population to refine the distracters. Given the size of the item pool in the Placement Test Suite, the option of constructing your own items should be a last step.

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