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Cut off scores for placement testing

When you are evaluating your Placement Testing on your campus, you will need to decide who develops the cut-off scores for the mathematics placement test you have chosen and how often should these cut-off scores be reviewed and changed, if necessary.

Working in conjunction with the mathematics faculty, the test administrator will be the one who defines the initial cut-off scores. The administrator should then gather data on students placed in the courses through the Gradebook results and modify the cut-off scores based on this data. User result data should be reviewed whenever student performance in courses differs greatly from the expected performance.

Generally, one semester of trials and data gathering is the minimum recommended amount for creating your cut off scores. Course success or failure at each score should be tracked and retained. The final cut-off scores should be determined with a realization that there are trade-offs. Any given score level will deny entrance to some who could have succeeded as well allow some to enter who had no reasonable chance of success. To avoid these incorrect placements as much as possible, you should set up an appeal procedure to allow a student to defend their placement in the event of a dispute.

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