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Unlocking my Maple T.A. assignment

An assignment is listed as locked in your class, but you have already clicked Force Grade in the Gradebook. Why is the assignment still locked?

It is not possible to force grade assignments for any user that is active in Maple T.A., including the Instructor or Administrator. You cannot force grade an assignment that you, as the Instructor or Administrator, started and did not complete. If you attempt to force grade an assignment that an active user is currently taking, a list of active users is displayed with the message that those assignments will not be force graded.

This could also be the result of assignment inheritance. When an assignment is defined in a parent class and used in a child class, it is possible to lock the assignment from both classes. You can go to System Homepage > Class Manager > List Classes, choose Tree View, and check the Gradebook in all child classes to find the class that has those active test records and is locking the assignment.

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