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Using Proctor Tools

The Proctor Tools menu is used to grant exceptions and extensions to assignments.  This menu can be found at the top of the class homepage.

User Search

There are three search options, Basic Search, Advanced Search and Roster Search.  Basic Search will search by username.  Advanced Search offers more user search options, as well as an assignment specification.  You can search all users for a select assignment by leaving the user fields blank.  Roster Search enables search via a correctly formatted *roster file* and also includes an assignment specification option.

Authorize Which Assignment

If you did not specify an assignment in Search, you must do so now.

Permission to be Given

Some permissions may not be available if they are not applicable to the assignment specified in Search (i.e. you will not see Grant additional time if you have used Search with an assignment that has no time limit).


Basic Permission:

Start/Re-Enter - Begin or re-enter an assignment that the student does not currently have permission to access.  Reasons for lacking permission could include: Deny Access was applied to the student/assignment, Proctored Exam permission was broken, 'have special permission for' is set in the assignment's Advanced Policies, Maximum Attempts was reached.

Deny Access - Block a user(s) from accessing an assignment.


Additional Permission (optional):

Grade - Use with Start/Re-Enter.  Allows user to completely submit their assignment without assistance when using Proctored Exam.

Re-open if already graded - Use with Start/Re-Enter.  Applicable if the user has submitted an assignment.  If used, the next time the user accesses the assignment, they will be taken to this submitted assignment instead of a new attempt.  The assignment is moved from Completed to In Progress.  To edit the grades of single questions, Instructors can use *Edit Question Grade*.

Extend end date until - Use with Start/Re-Enter.  Grants an extension to an assignment with an End Date specified in Set Policies.

Grant additional time - Use with Start/Re-Enter.  For assignments with a Time Limit in Set Policies.  Add the specified amount of time on top of the existing Time Limit.  Can be granted before or after an assignment is started.  If an assignment is open, the timer will continue live (i.e. if a timer has run out and a student needs more time, they must be prepared to write immediately after you grant additional time).  Does not circumvent End Dates.

Note:  Assignments must be 'Visible' on the homepage to be accessed even if Proctor Tools permissions are given.  Hidden assignments are never seen by students.

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