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Registering users for a class

There are two ways a student can register for a class.

The simplest method is for an Instructor to open class registration. When this is done, a student can search for all classes that have open registration and register themselves into the appropriate classes. For further instructions on how to register for a class as a student, see the article Enrolling in a Class.

The Instructor can also register each student for his/her class from the Class User Manager menu, which is accessible from the Class Homepage. They can either provide Class Rosters for bulk registration, by clicking Import Users From Roster, or they can add students individually via the Register Users menu option.

For more details regarding each of these processes, please see Chapter 2 of the Maple T.A. Instructor's Guide, or watch the following video:

Note that if the students do not already have an account in the system, they should be added by your system administrator The system administrator typically creates user accounts, but they can grant instructors the ability to create user accounts.

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